Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Flared Pants

Try adding a fun pair of flared pants to your business wardrobe.  Velvet, plaids, colorful solids and prints all courtesy of Victoria Secret are sure to incorporate some spice into the usually dull selection of business attire.

Velvet Flared Pants
Purple Velvet Flared pants are so sweet looking!  Great to wear around the Holiday season or to your next work party.

Stripe Flared Pants
Stripe Wide Flared Pants add a bold hint of style while not crossing the line.

Plaid Flared Pants 
Plaid and flared are a great combo for business winter wear.  These will be a bold piece to add to your business wardrobe.

Solid Flared Pants
 Add some color to your wardrobe to not only stand out but also to increase your mood. 


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Business Attire for All Seasons

Most people have two sets of clothing; Winter and Summer.  In this post I will show you how you can take Summer Dresses and turn them into Winter Business Wear.  The best part is you won't spend as much money and you can save room in your closet.  Most of these dresses just need a few accessories in order to make them go from Summer Business Attire to Winter Business Attire. 

This neutral tan dress is a perfect candidate, it doesn't have to much going on so you can add accessories without over doing the outfit.  Summer: Try closed toe pumps and if need be some very sheer nude pantyhose.  Winter: Try adding a dark colored blazer or cardigan, then add some semi opaque tights or pantyhose along with some ankle length boots.

Light grey colors are warm enough to wear in the winter and summer.  Summer: Add some pumps or fancy sandals (depending on how strict your office is about open toe shoes).  Winter: Add a blazer or cardigan to keep warm, then since the dress length is long try some solid opaque thigh highs.

Another warm tan color, black belt helps bring this into a wintery look.  Summer: Some patent leather pumps would complete this look.  Winter: Try a black blazer with the ruffle top hanging out slightly.  Then add some sheer black pantyhose and complete the outfit with some ankle length boots. 

Great winter dress that can also be worn in the summer months as well.  Summer: Keep it simple and add a pair of pumps or try some ankle length boots.  Winter: Add a black cardigan, sheer black pantyhose and ankle length boots.

Navy is my new favorite color, this looks professional and serious all in one.  Summer: Pair this with gold accented, grey or navy pumps.  Winter: Add a gray blazer, gray ankle length boots and some sheer light gray or navy pantyhose.

Amazing business dress, love the powerful red color with the small waist defining belt.  Summer:  Leave as is- PERFECT.  Winter: Change to closed toe pumps or ankle length boots and add a black blazer or cardigan.

Winter white meets light summer gray.  Summer: Pair with gray shoes that match the belt or remove the belt and add a fun color with matching shoes.  Winter: Replace with black belt or leave belt off all together, add black blazer or cardigan, sheer black pantyhose and black shoes.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Winter Business Dresses on Sale Now!

I'm a bargin shopper always have been always will be so I know a good sale when I see one.  The best way to save on apparel is to shop for clothing when its not in season.  Right now you can snag some really great winter business dresses for unbelievable prices.  Here are a few I found at Victoria Secret's On-Line Clearance Section that are around $16.99 - $39.99.

Try pairing this with some sheer tights and some ankle boots for a winter business wear look.  Want to add some color?  Try a fun patterned scarf or some colorful jewery to get you out of the winter blues.

Cotton Cable Sweat Dress goes great with some sheer black pantyhose and pumps.  Match your shoes to the black belt or add a different color belt that matches you shoes.  Tired of wearing black during the winter months- go for a more natural look with some dark brown belt and shoes.

Basic Tweed sweaterdress in this nutral color will look great black, grey and brown accessories.  Try this dress with charcoal colored pantyhose or tights and some grey or black shoes.  You can also try this with nude or dark brown pantyhose and brown shoes. Keep with the delicate long necklace or go for a more sophistiacted look by adding a scarf.  You can also add a blazer for a dresser look.  

Cotton Ribbed Sweater Dress with short sleeves is perfect for anyone who is always warm.  This will provide warmth but at the same time allow you to remove a a sweater to keep from over heating.  Try wearing this with some sheer pantyhose or thigh highs and some ankle boots or pumps.  Spice this up with some accessories such as colorful jewelry or belt - leave the scarf at home for this dress due to the turtle neck.

Another great ribbed sweater dress and at an un beatable price.  This is again great for people who usually overheat in offices.  Tired of basic colors- perfect this pulm color is great for adding color without being too bright or summey looking.  Pair with some sheer or opaque pantyhose/ thigh highs for a professional look.   

Cotton cable winter dresses are my fav for winter months, not only do they keep you warm but they also add style with there pattern.  This would look great with either black or brown accessories.  Try a dark brown blazer, sheer brown pantyhose or thigh hgihs and dark brown shoes.  Pumps add a more elegant look while ankle boots are more fashionable looking.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

How to Add Color to Business Wear

This outfit is a great option for days at the beginning of spring, when its getting warm but still chilly outside.  This color make the outfit stand out and will put you in an uplifted mood.  Try adding some color to your business wear to get you out of those winter funk moods. 
Perfect spring outfit, wish this has a slight sleeve to give the shirt a more professional look but this would work in a business casual environment.  She added a soft pink color to a basic tan skirt which livens this outfit up.  A dark blue would also look nice with a khaki color bottom.
This is a great shirt, it adds color but doesn't over do it.  The pattern also looks very professional and the wide shoulder make this a great business shirt.  Yellow is always a nice spring-summer color so this would be a perfect fit for a warm spring-summer day.  Bring a black blazer for cooler offices
Love this color, it's so cheerful and the ruffles make it fun.  This would be great for a business casual office, add a blazer to make this into a business professional look.