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Business Attire for All Seasons

Most people have two sets of clothing; Winter and Summer.  In this post I will show you how you can take Summer Dresses and turn them into Winter Business Wear.  The best part is you won't spend as much money and you can save room in your closet.  Most of these dresses just need a few accessories in order to make them go from Summer Business Attire to Winter Business Attire. 

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Winter Business Dresses on Sale Now!

I'm a bargin shopper always have been always will be so I know a good sale when I see one.  The best way to save on apparel is to shop for clothing when its not in season.  Right now you can snag some really great winter business dresses for unbelievable prices.  Here are a few I found at Victoria Secret's On-Line Clearance Section that are around $16.99 - $39.99.


How to Add Color to Business Wear


How to wear Tights + Business Wear

Wearing tights during business is very simple and keeps you nice and warm.  Some of these outfits need alterations but they show you how to take different outfits and turn them into Business Outfits.

Winter to Spring Business Wear

5 Great Business Dresses  - Under $100These Business dresses are all Perfect to help you transition from Winter to Spring in style.With some simple accessories you can take all of these from Spring ready to Winter ready in minutes.Winter: Try adding pantyhose or tights to cover the legs and a sweater or cost to cover the arms.
Spring:  If you add pantyhose make sure there very sheer but I recommend going with bear leg and arms.

Winter Business Coats

Here you'll find two must have business coats.  These two coats will work with any color outfits you have.  The black coat goes great with Greys while the nude coat will go great with Navy and Browns.

Must Have Business Pieces


Winter Business Dresses

Winter Business Dresses Here are three Great business dresses. Pair w/ Sheer Thigh Highs and Ankle Boots

Top 10 Winter Business Shoes

**1&2 High boots-with there slender heel these only work in the winter when there is no snow or ice on the ground.  Great to wear for a professional business meeting and if need be wear some comfy ugg boots to and from work.  

**3 &4 High Boots- these have a nice sturdy heel to help give you more control.  These are better for snow days then option 1&2.  

** 5&6 Ankle Booties- these again have slim heals so try avoiding them when there is ice or snow.  Pair these with some tights or even under some dress pants for a business look.

**7&8 Ankle Booties- these have a more sturdy heal making them easier to walk in snow, also try pairing these with some tights or leggings.

  ** 9&10 Pump and mid calf boots- although these are two different shoes you can wear both during the winter.  #9 Mid calf I would recommend choosing for snow days and pairing with tights or pants.  #10 Pump I would save for a sunny winter day when it starts getting a little warmer.

Short n Tight Trend - WbW acceptable?

New trend this year has been pairing shorts with tights, some say it's not acceptable but I say they are just haters.  Wearing shorts and tights is also great for a business casual atmosphere. Here are some Great looks I found that kill this trend. If a look below has the WbW logo next to it then it is acceptable as Winter Business Wear.

Winter Business Wear

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Finally after 2 hours of searching for a fashionable winter business outfit I came across this, which is not to great but better then anything I have found so far.