How to Add Color to Business Wear

This outfit is a great option for days at the beginning of spring, when its getting warm but still chilly outside.  This color make the outfit stand out and will put you in an uplifted mood.  Try adding some color to your business wear to get you out of those winter funk moods. 
Perfect spring outfit, wish this has a slight sleeve to give the shirt a more professional look but this would work in a business casual environment.  She added a soft pink color to a basic tan skirt which livens this outfit up.  A dark blue would also look nice with a khaki color bottom.
This is a great shirt, it adds color but doesn't over do it.  The pattern also looks very professional and the wide shoulder make this a great business shirt.  Yellow is always a nice spring-summer color so this would be a perfect fit for a warm spring-summer day.  Bring a black blazer for cooler offices
Love this color, it's so cheerful and the ruffles make it fun.  This would be great for a business casual office, add a blazer to make this into a business professional look.    


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