Winter to Spring Business Wear

5 Great Business Dresses  - Under $100

These Business dresses are all Perfect to help you transition from Winter to Spring in style.

With some simple accessories you can take all of these from Spring ready to Winter ready in minutes.


Winter: Try adding pantyhose or tights to cover the legs and a sweater or cost to cover the arms.

Spring:  If you add pantyhose make sure there very sheer but I recommend going with bear leg and arms.

The limited pattern on top helps put this dress on the list.  The top pattern adds a soft spring touch while the remaining black body helps keep this looking wintry.  Cost: $50 - JcPenny

Black and white dress is put on the list because of the flirty ruffle on top.  Ruffles add the feeling of spring and fun.  While the dark pattern and patent leather belt keeps this looking stunning in the colder months.  Try some pantyhose and ankle calf boots along with a sweater for the winter. Cost: $40 - JcPenny

Here is a perfect little black dress that looks perfect as is for the spring.  Add some pantyhose and sweater for a winter appeal. Cost: $50 - JcPenny

This dress has great colors and a hot unique pattern.  The grey taupe color makes this look in the spring months while the dark waist and bold pattern makes this look wintry. Cost: $50- JcPenny

This is a hot look, the three quarter sleeves make this perfect for the spring.  This is a two piece set so you can wear the dress with a sweater or coat that has full sleeves.  Cost: $70 -JcPenny


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