Winter Coats, Business Winter Outerwear

Here are some great winter coats for the business world.  
They look both sophisticated and sexy!

Light grey is a great color to soften up the winter blues.  This double breasted cost is very business oriented.  The leather trim adds an extra feminine detail that is subtle yet bold.
Macy's Winter Cost.  Love the zipper pockets on the side and the double bottoms.  The wine color is a great way to spice up the colder months.

Winter white coats look great and can go with any colors, pairs well with browns or blacks so its very universal.

Trench coats are a must for all year round, on those rainy days you'll need a coat that won't get soaked.  This is a great looking coat and pairs perfectly with business attire.  The black piping will look perfect with your favorite pair of black pants.


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